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Founded on Faith
Rooted in Christian Principles

Agape Acres was founded out of an abundance of gratefulness for the blessings God had placed in our lives (property and the means to rescue horses in need) and a deep desire to share this experience and blessing with others.


The Founders, Board of Directors, and leadership of Agape Acres believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God, He is our Savior, our Redeemer, and Creator.  We believe the Bible is the inspired and true Word of God, perfect in every word and without error.  We desire to demonstrate our faith through action (as a living example) to those who visit Agape Acres.


Although we in leadership at Agape Acres share a foundation of Christian faith, we are sensitive to those who do not wish to be discipled and are honored to serve all participants equally regardless of their wishes regarding discipleship.

Agape Acres exists, because of our foundation of faith, to serve all of God's people regardless of their personal beliefs or backgrounds. It is our desire and honor to serve children and families of different faiths or that are non-religious equally.

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