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 Located in the Steelecreek area of southwest Charlotte, Agape Acres is a small farm in the big city, a refuge where struggling, vulnerable, and special needs youth are connected with a caring, trained mentor, nature, and rescue horses to bring about hope and change.  The beauty, goodness, and healing that is inspired by nature and horses will be combined with communication and trust that is built with a positive role model, and the true and greatest Hope of all, that of Our Savior Jesus Christ, will be shared.


Agape Acres is an environment where encouragement is given, positivity grows, and Hope is revealed!




As far as we are able, we will help horses in need by providing a safe, healthy, loving environment.


Our rescue horses and mentors help vulnerable youth to grow in mind, body, and spirit.

Special needs individuals are given exciting opportunities as they interact with rescue horses and learn new skills.


Through the Mobile Mini Ministry, our miniature horses will inspire knowledge, hope, and joy to our community as they reach individuals who otherwise may not have access to the farm and related experiences.

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