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Horse Sponsorship Program


Sponsoring a horse is a unique opportunity to make a difference by directly helping our herd! Our rescued horses have many regular expenses including feed, hay, farrier, dental, and veterinary needs.  Additionally, many of our rescued horses require maintenance medications and supplements to keep them at their happiest and healthiest, despite medical challenges and health issues.


Your sponsorship will provide many essential necessities!

Please choose a level of monthly sponsorship:


$25 Bronze Sponsorship (your gift will cover the cost of a bag of alfalfa/ timothy pellets)

$45 Silver Sponsorship (your gift covers the cost of a bag of feed)

$80 Gold Sponsorship (Your gift covers the cost of a round bale of hay)

$125 Platinum Sponsorship (your gift covers the cost of hay and feed)

$350 Diamond Sponsorship (Full Sponsorship for the maintenance cost of care for one horse)


OR choose any amount that works for you - No amount is too large or too small!  Any     

amount you donate can be used towards the care of our precious equines!


To become a sponsor, please submit your donation level of choice as a monthly donation through the donate page/ donate button.  Also, please notify us of your horse sponsorship by sending us an email through the contact page letting us know that you are sponsoring a horse (and which one so that we can send you updates about your horse).  

Sponsorship Agreement Information: This agreement in no way entitles sponsors to ownership and/or exclusive privileges in any way to sponsored animal or farm property. Agape Acres accepts all liability, expressed and/or implied, for the sponsored equine. Sponsor has the right to cancel this agreement at any time. All monies received from sponsor to date of cancellation remain the property of Agape Acres. Please note that there may be more than one sponsor per equine. This is to ensure that all of our horses are cared for equally, as the funds go into an account to support our whole herd.


Agape Acres has been established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit by the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable horses!  Your generosity will not only impact the lives of the horses we help, but also the lives of many youth and special needs individuals who visit Agape Acres and interact with our precious equines!

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