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Welcome to Agape Acres!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, a suburban woodland farm in Charlotte, NC.   
Agape Acres exists to cherish an
d enrich the lives of vulnerable, at-risk, and special needs youth through equine-assisted activities by pairing them with a rescue horse and a trained mentor to inspire hope, encouragement, and real-life skill development.  We intentionally use the beauty and wonder of nature, horses, and a farm environment to point hearts to the magnificent creator of all! 

Our areas of focus:

Rescuing Horses


We believe that all of God's creatures, including horses, deserve a safe, healthy, loving environment.  That is why we dedicate our farm to helping horses in need.

Mentoring & Teaching


Agape Acres serves children and teens that are vulnerable, in foster care, struggling, or who may have experienced trauma.   One consistent factor that can help these youth grow into healthy adults is spending time with a caring mentor. A mentor can meet them where they are, encourage them on their journey to becoming their best, and help them realize they are a unique and important person that God created with a purpose!

Additionally, there are many special needs individuals in our community whose lives can be enriched by new experiences and learning new skills.

At Agape Acres, we are excited about offering programs to mentor and teach each of these unique and important groups of individuals.  Trained mentors and instructors offer encouragement while helping participants grow in mind, body, and spirit. 

For more information about these specific programs, please contact us at 



Inspiring Outreach


The benefits of animal therapy are vast and well known.  Our Mobile Mini 's program will allow us to travel with our miniature horses and reach diverse members of the community.  By going on the road with these small horses we will be able to inspire excitement, joy, wonder, and knowledge as we bring these small horses to individuals who otherwise may not be able to experience this sort of animal therapy.  Agape Acres is excited to share our miniature horses with people in nursing homes, hospice care facilities, hospitals, the Ronald McDonald House, Veteran's facilities, children's homes,  group homes, facilities for special needs individuals, as well as to children in special needs classrooms in schools.   

Agape Acres does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion,  gender, sexual orientation, or age in any of is programs or activites.

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